Power supply IP380-50/100-IR
Industrial power supplies
Designed to supply three-phase network 380V, 50Hz regulated DC voltage 0-50V consumers current up to 100ADocumentationShow analogues
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  • Input voltage380.0V 15.0% 50.0Hz
  • Starting input currentnot more than 40.0
  • Output voltage0-50V 1.0V
    Direct current
  • Step voltage setting0.1V 5.0%
  • Output voltage ripple100.0mV
  • Rated outpt current100
  • Maximum output current230
  • Output powerup to 5000.0 V
  • Efficiencynot less 85.0%
  • Overload protectionyes
  • Product dimensions346x734x404
  • Product weight not more38.0 kg/
  • Operation continuous
  • Cooling built-in fan
    * - The appearance of the device may differ from that presented on the site, depending on the modification and category of performance.