14 november 2017
Used to improve the quality of power in an industrial network and increase the reliability of radio electronic equipment. Transformation of two phases into three phases. If a single phase breaks down or a protection switch on, it provides three-phase power. Equalize the value of phase voltages. With an uneven phase load, the difference in the values of phase-to-phase voltages can reach 20%. This, as a rule, leads to the operation of protective devices against overload. IQP reduces the load unevenness up to 10 times; Suppression of high-voltage pulses that occur during switching processes and lightning discharges up to 10 times. The amplitude of such pulses can reach 15000 V; Suppression of higher harmonics of multiple three arising in general-purpose networks by using non-linear receivers of electric power; Reduction of transient stress deviations (subsidence and jumps); Reduction of losses due to elimination of circulation of higher harmonic components and increase in the power factor; When a zero wire is disconnected, IQP restore it. FEATURES Lost phase generation Ground generation Elimination phase distortions